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Rebooting the community

This year Kiberpipa will be 10+ years old and its’ event lineup is incredible. Over 350 events a year involving various talks, meetups, screening and everything. During this time a bunch of new technologies showed and demand for jobs as well as our interest shifted and I/we stared creating bigger and more exclusive events (as in: you can only attend if you speak).

Django Meet Ljubljana, 6. julij 2011

It mostly worked, with limited success. What happens is that while the core members Kiberpipa and related communities are used to speaking and working out in the open, not everyone is. And we didn’t give new members of community a chance to slowly build up their involvement.

With this in mind, I’m hoping that we can get a few more meetups and events going where minimum level of involvement is a 15-min talk instead of a full 45-min lecture with all eyes on you.

How to be a community witch

Reading Pratchett’s latest novel – I Shall Wear Midnight (a Tiffany Aching story), I was reminded that witching is mostly a matter of stopping to think and look around and observe what people are actually doing. Witches in his stories call this headology – headology, a sort of folk-psychology which can be summed up as “if people think you’re a witch, you might as well be one”.

Which brings us to modern day with all the experts in soft fields like community management or social media marketing. They’re both fields where two things happen:

  • You have to know how to stop and observe what all the people around you are doing and understand their reasons for doing these things.
  • Since you’re mostly not producing things, the only way for others to accept you as a witch of this field is by you acting like one in the first place.

After you understand this, everything else is easy. Oh, and you’ll have to figure out what your pointy hat is.

Self organizing travel information in the wake of volcanic ash cloud


I’m at Campus Party EU in Madrid this week and while it was a decent event, the part that it’s interesting is to see how community of over 200 international participants organize themselves as most of the flights back are canceled. As almost here is versed in IT technologies it is safe to say that we’re seeing the future of citizen self-organizing using modern collaboration technologies.

1. Projecting Twitter stream to the stages. This was more of a gimmick and nice to have back channel before, but during the time of the crisis provides an excellent overview of the chatter and what people are saying or trying to organize.

2. Travel Wiki, where people started writing down which cities or towns they need to get and what are different options of travel and prices.

3. Official blog that keeps everyone updated with the latest information. This if of course transmitted to the wiki and twitter stream.

All the solutions, except for the official blog, relay on the crowd to filter the information and self organize while everyone thinks of the solution. It ensures people don’t panic and there are centralized and maintained places to find the latest information, reducing the level of misinformation and things lost in translation.